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Short and Sweet:

August 09, 2016  •  2 Comments

Short and sweet; that’s the phrase that best sums up today.

Forced by mechanical breakdown, our tuktuk was off the road until past 9am where waiting for a mechanic was the most excruciating thing ever. Our hotel staff at Hotel Orbitz were great, but definitely did not know the finer points of good service. We were not just waited on, we were babied-on. Someone was there to pour our water, someone was there to offer us more food, someone to get the food and someone to make sure the whole thing was running smoothly, even if it wasn’t.

We were glad once again to leave this “luxury” hotel by Indian standards, it was very disjointed and after several photos with hotel staff, we were off. It seems to be the norm here at the moment “A western tourist visited my shop or hotel” so they take selfies with you. It’s like we’re collectors cards. Since the day was short and sweet, so is this blog.

Not long after leaving and finding the right roads, we once again entered into this beautiful landscape of back roads, dirt tracks, big palm trees and copious rice fields.

It really makes you realise that life is not all about money and greed. One that a bank cannot take your happiness and it’s your choice how you deal with things. The world is bigger than a sense of time, and connection to the earth and your family and friends is worth more than the numbers you possess.

Not long after finding out roads, we got caught in another huge thunderstorm which once again opened the heavens above us and drenched us in soaking rain. Not a single part of the tuk was dry after going through this patch, it was all completely sopping.

Aside from the rain, it’s been such a fun day. I’ve really gotten used to the capabilities of the Nikon 20mm 1.8 in terms of candid shots. Got some funny ones today.

I was thinking of starting a series called “You carried WHAT, HOW?!”

Cover photo would be:

Below are some other shots from today!


It seems that the Team did well good effort to get to the end all good here bathroom is moving along cat is missing you therefore is having high quality food demands, which I am bowing to you will have to tell me how to comm with you,
Looks very wet there guys ! Saves having a shower haha !
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