For Hire

Are you looking for an event photographer? Do you have an event coming up that you want media coverage for?

Headshots or Pre-Production images of a documentary or a play?

Perhaps for a 21st?

Corporate Functions?

What about some great shots of your kids who hate posing for photos?

Or a freelance photographer to cover a local event in South East Queensland?


Over 10 years ago, I was a fixture of the event media crew in Fortitude Valley, Qld. I cut my teeth photographing all walks of life at music events, nightclubs, festivals and chilled speakeasies. I quickly learned the tricks of the trade and how to move about at an event, so as to go unnoticed myself.

I've photographed local and international superstar DJs, I've done my fair share of crowd social shots and covered everything from a short event to multiple-day events.

I've shot in virtually no light to too much light. I've done DJ on-location shots for Album covers. I love doing candid family photos - the kinds where the kids get to decide the shoot. I've also done the odd wedding. 

Prices start at $100/hr and increase based on the complexity and duration of the event you have in mind. Please drop me a message on my Contact page to enquire.

This is only the tiniest snippet of what I can do as an Event Photographer!