Retrospective 2021

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I wasn't going to do a Retrospective for this year, why? I didn't feel like anyone was reading.

But then I remembered why I wanted to do these in the first place, if not for anyone else, but something for me, to reflect.

And when I started pulling apart the moments of my 2021 Photography journey, I realized there's actually a lot of great stuff in here, and thats worth mentioning, so here goes.

I've definitely lived in my head a little more than usual. There's been many curveballs this year and some of them hurt a little harder than most. The biggest struggle of the year was motivating to keep taking photos in my local area, and while I love it in winter, in summer its a barren moonscape of heat and deadly animals. 

The photographs I've taken this year have a definite street angle, definitely more black and white and for certain a feeling of doing my own thing at my own pace. My other job has had me chaotically busy for the last 2 years, so come any downtime and the first urge has been to vegetate on the couch with the dogs and truly just rest. I've missed many a cool storm from being rosterered on, unable to fly the coop early to catch some great clouds or lightning action. It's been really frustrating but I'm pledging that in 2022 I'll find the balance again. I'm going to get a new camera so hopefully that'll punch up the enthusiasm to 1000.

Thank you also to the camera clubs that had me talk and judge this year. It does mean a lot and I'm always happy to give my feedback on images and help grow the community.  Thank you to the organisers of the Queensland Camera Group, Brisbane Camera Club and the Gold Coast Photographic Society for having me on board, I've absolutely enjoyed it.


January 2021

I started January a bit behind with my usual first sunrise of the year. It was about 3 days later before I got to doing that, and this year looks no different.  That said it wasn't anything special and I spent the last few days of my holiday exploring a local area, chasing storms and watching kangaroos jump through paddocks.

February 2021

I don't know what happened in February... it seems I only went out once to do some street photography. Nothing worth ranting about, but so that we have an image for February;

March 2021

A continuation of the street photography theme. I had begun to explore some of the modern architecture in the old town that I live. I'm fascinated with colours, lines, shapes and seeing how I can manipulate those to create something brain-bending.

April 2021

By far this was my busiest month. I shot a gig for RockFit and I made it to Tasmania and back (without quarantining) for Fagus Week. By far a highlight and I'd forgotten all of the things about travel. I got bored on the 3hr plane flight, I realised how much I hated airports and I got all the nostalgia from just that. I came back with 400g of luggage weight to spare and the even better part is that I finally snagged the win in The Cow and Calf Cup, a trophy among us Fagus week faithfuls that rewards the best straight out of camera (sooc) image. Will covid let me back to Tasmania next year to defend the title?!

May 2021

Lots happened in May as well, fog season had well and truly rolled in by now and I was back to my usual haunts for new images and lots of more foggy piccy goodness. One day stood out in particular, the fog was so thick on the highway, that I knew when the lights ended, it would be so dark, and so foggy that Id only be able to see a metre or two in front of me. Knowing I had a 40min drive in that, I chickened out. What I did observe though, was a petrol station sign bleeding its LCD light into the atmosphere around it. Augmented by the fog, it was eerie to say the least. I have made it a mini-mission to try and get more of this next season.

June 2021

June marks the second time I left the state. A small window of opportunity arose in a polar low crossing over the northern tablelands of NSW. Back when borders were still freely-crossable, I darted down to Tenterfield late one night and stayed in a motel, got up, found snow, drove around cautiously but high on energy and an eagerness that I'd not had since Tasmania. I met up with my dear friend Vikki late one afternoon in Glen Innes and we re-chased some favourite parts of Ben Lomond until the sun darn near set on us. It was a 24hrs of power on my part and a serious impressive 12hrs of power on Vikki's part, but wow it was so much fun and worth it. Thanks to Vikki's indestructible 4WD for getting us through the last part, where my street-worthy 4wd would have suffered.

July 2021

Another quiet month on the back of three very hectic ones! I shot another gig for RockFit and got to Lake Moogerah, again, in the search of fog, but alas I was fooled and left with a scenic.

August 2021

Still feeling some photographic lethargy here, I shot some small finches/sparrows in my neighbours front fence, I got to go on a fog-chase to Marburg and got my head stuck in the clouds.

September 2021

This month, I had a loan of a Nikon Z6ii and got to take it for a spin around town. I took a few street-style images, it went on a fog chase with me and I was resolved to buy one by the end of the year, but all of a sudden it was december and I hadn't done it yet. I don't talk at all about my regular dayjob (i'd bore you to death) but that just seemed to go psychotic in September and the months between that and December are a blur.

Amongst the madness, I found out that I'd won the Places category of The Mono Awards which was a total surprise. You can read about it on my blog.

October 2021

Another quiet one, some last patches of fog appearing in my local area and some minimal pics of sticks in a pond forming interesting shapes. I had a quick trip down to Stanthorpe for the weekend with my mum to see the opening of the Stanthorpe Regional Photography Awards of which I was selected with 2 works as a finalist. I ended up selling Pick-Up Sticks as well. Mum and I visted Girraween national park for a walk early one morning, but soon realised it was too hot to be doing such an intense walk. Still, some pretty photos of the creeks full of water and the plant life looking swish.

November 2021

The final Rockfit for the year! Such energy in this one,  the energy, the sweat, the moments were awesome. I really enjoy doing these events and love the trust that I have been given to capture the event in the best way I can.

I also ventured out to an old favourite location, the Woodlands of Marburg road and its famous tree!

December 2021

I struggled to realise it was December until easily a week before Christmas. This year has gone too fast and I was just whiplashed by that. Some severe storms rolled through and I had a moments chance to take some pics before we got heavily rained on.

Sorry it's been a short one this year, both in pictures and in text. I hope to do more next year.




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