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This blog, on the outset is going to be vague and quick. Tiredness is something I’m not entirely mastering at the moment. I’m always surprised how it hits me, but 10 hours difference is night and day compared to what I’m used to.

It’s hard to say exactly what I’ve been up to, other than sitting around relaxing, camping in exotic places and losing myself and several hours of sleep per night, running around and taking photos.

The last week and a bit has blended into one big melted chocolate bar of fun, finally getting some colder weather and enjoying wearing fluffy fleeces and windproof wonders in the face of bastardly winds.

London was wholly a relaxing break after India, designed to let me nap, catch up on the essentials and get some personal admin work done. To this end there were few outings with my camera, and instead I attempted to understand Londons’ complex tube network, often with varying results.

I got into Iceland on Saturday afternoon, and was soon met by Josh and Jimmy, a mutual friend united by OOAK.

We first visited Snaefelsnes to do a fly-by of Budir church and Kirkjufell mountain before getting a ferry the next day from Stikkisholmur, to reduce some time driving the winding roads of the west. We were on our way to Dynjandi, a waterfall we had visited on our first trip, but didn’t make it back to the second time due to snow and avalanche risks.

From here we were after some northern lights action. Looking at the weather forecasts revealed that we were already in the right place, with cloud cover not forecast to affect us until later in the evening. Turns out it’s only taken 3 trips to Iceland to really get some awesome aurora shots. Funny that.

Now I’m back in Reykjavik and resting before the One of A Kind tour starts on the 1st of September. It’s going to be a nutso 10-days around the island, I only hope that I can teach someone something that they remember for a while. I’ve only ever wanted to impart some knowledge, so maybe this will be my chance.

As usual, here's a smattering of images from the last few days:

London Graffiti

Classic Big Ben



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