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What Is Inspiration?

September 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

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Yesterday, I was walking home from the bus stop, pondering in my head how to write a positive article for once. I say “for once” because that means that it’s one that doesn’t boldly challenge beliefs, make enemies or force a point, as so often is my usual style. I wanted to write something uplifting, something light, not something dark… Something that still makes us challenge ourselves, but in the most well-intentioned, positive way.


As I slowly walked home, music liberating my mind and aiding the blood flow through my legs and into my head, it chances upon me that I need some inspiration. “But what is that?!’ I ask myself,

‘What is Inspiration?!"


We say “Inspiration” all the time, but what does it mean, how do you implement it, how is it used, exchanged and monetised?


At the time, Inspiration started to feel a whole lot like Motivation. Because the act of “Inspiring” seemed to provoke a “doing” response from those who have been “inspired.” It promoted the idea inside their minds that they had to get out and do something, create something or begin something.

So I asked the Oracles, everyday people, my Facebook friends and followers, that same question.


‘What is Inspiration?!"


Plain, contextless, no attachments to photography or hobbies, what is it?


The responses I got were heartwarming in themselves.

I paraphrased them into a workable quote, hope you enjoy!




“Makes me excited to create” it’s a feeling of things starting, a drive…

“It’s a challenge - the desire to capture the same scene through your lens as what your eye witnesses”

“A reminder of beauty, that there is still goodness in the moments, whether large or small.”

“A visual feast, an affirmation.”

“A discovery, whether unexpected or fleeting, but always welcome, something that stays with you.”

“It’s in each one of us, every single person can inspire the next, we all have untold wisdom and something to gain from our peers, we inspire them, they inspire us.”

“Motivation for self improvement, a benchmark.”

“Inspiration is a chemical response that triggers envy, which then in turn tells us that there are no barriers, that we can do it too.”


What I enjoyed the most, is that it's something that can't be bought. You can't get a shot of it in the arm and you can't (and I have tried) to drink it in. I think the important reality here is that we all have different worlds, different perspectives and different takes on what gets us "going" creatively. It is intangible, a feeling. What works for one won't for another.


You are the secret ingredient. It comes from within.



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