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November 13, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


As usual, time is an arbitrary thing, because it has completely disappeared, meaning, I'm off to Japan tomorrow!

I always say that time has flown, and while it seems that way, it's also dragged so torturously slowly.

The above photo is what I would have classified "the best that Ive ever taken" back in 2008 when I had no idea what to do with a camera. I know I'm going to smash it out of the park this time around, I cannot wait! Booyah!

I'll make this quick as I still have packing stuff to do!

I'll be blogging here as much as I can, I'll be Facebooking and Instagramming as much as I can as well.

My mum, who is coming with me, also has her own BLOG.

So check out all of those, and I'll see how fast it takes me to blow a 3GB Data Cap ;)

See you all in the Blogosphere, Facebook boulevard and Instagram land!





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