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Kosciuszko Dreaming

May 10, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Finally I've had enough downtime to write and post a blog I apologiise that it has taken me this long, but I've been so previously physically or mentally tired that sleep, food or showering has taken priority.

It's hard to put into words the time so far – as we've been so busy that I've been thinking in images, rather than words, that the end result is a very tired Mel, who, at the end of each day, would rather have a shower and a glass of wine, rather than blog.

That's not to say I haven't been longing to share the journey so far, it's definitely not that. What instead has taken place is a sheer and complete exhaustion of my mind and body. My feet are strapped, blistered and bruised with the rest of the body not far behind. That said, the enjoyment that I've had so far, has been an experience well worth it. The ever-changing landscape, the alpine wilderness is simply unreal, absolutely would recommend this to any one who wants to see something different.

Admittedly though, I thought I was fit, turns out it's nothing compared to some of the others. I've been the slow walker, the one trailing the back of the pack because I simply cannot walk past all these gorgeous landscapes wanting to be shot. Many times I had to settle for a phone shot, for fear of slowing up the group.

I'm sorry this blog is late, Sunday (tomorrow/today) is the last day. It serves as to just how busy we've been getting from place to place.

We started the week off with an absolutely frozen morning at Dead Horse Gap for sunrise. It reached -9 on the ground, so needless to say, it was frosty. This was a point where even standing still was more torturous than moving around, it was almost not worth shooting in my eyes, but I persevered on. The sunrise wasn't all that notable, but it gave me some great shots that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

^ The bridge at Dead Horse Gap

^Frozen edges of the creek AND the dew that settled on my lens barrel and then froze (below)

After a decent feed and some warming up, we again scaled the heights of Dead Horse Gap to climb up to Rams Head, a peak in the back country of Kosciuszko National Park. The shots I have gotten from this area are stunning and probably the highlight of my trip thus far.

^ One of the views...

^ Some more of the view...

This morning, our second day, we scrambled out of bed at 4am to go on a 2 hour drive to the Sugar Pine Forest. Technically not part of the Kosciuszko National Park, but a spot that all landscape photographers could enjoy. It was a beautiful old wood forest, straight lines and yellowing pine needles on the forest floor. Many fallen trees and many thousands of shooting compositions made this like a playground for us all, we had to be regretfully dragged out of there, for those whose stomachs were rumbling after 10am.

This afternoon was a washout, as a big rain band has come through and kept us indoors, but also, washed off all the remaining snow on the mountain.

Tomorrow consists of a shoot around Charlottes' Pass, followed by one last exploratory walk up the mountain. It's been a busy few days that have flown by. I'm sure and certain that the next time I blog will be once I am back home again, so I hope you can wait until then. I will be processing these shots over the next few months. 

Be patient, stay tuned, and I'll let you know when the images will be out :)



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