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Creative Hangover

May 20, 2014  •  2 Comments

It’s official.

I have creative hangover.

It’s that feeling that not so long ago, I was not there, at my allocated desk performing allocated tasks, consciously, the very things that earn me my keep. The missing void of time in the calendar, that proudly proclaims that I was somewhere else, blissfully, from the throes of a corporate world so insistent on making me a number, rather than an individual. The switch from using my creative brain, to my analytical one is tiring. Analytical gets dusted off, the cobwebs removed and opened, but the trade off is that Creative gets put back in the box, and stashed among the memories of holidays’ past, tucked neatly somewhere inside my camera bag.

Gone is the marvelous time away from my daily routine, packed away is the suitcase now empty that held all my dearest robes and necessities to which I gallivanted around the countryside with. If, even for a blissfully frustrating second, you can imagine that I had a great a time so as to forget my login and password, then yes, the last three weeks were worth it, but by golly how quickly they went.

Little traces of evidence remain at home, camera gear sitting on the sideline, looking a little dishevelled and in need of a good clean, hard drives lain scattered across my work area and Photoshop, constantly running, grinding my machine into the realm of a gamers, pushing the limits, demanding more. Indeed is the image library so incredibly expanded now, but it is overflowing with possibilities, waiting for my input and manipulation to turn a photograph into art. I cannot possibly forsee a time where I will get to spend hours lost inside this world I have created, but every precious minute of free thought only further serves as a justice to packed-away Creative.

That’s not to say I have no regrets, I have a few. I really still regret not challenging myself more and seeing more in Tasmania, I think I relaxed a little too much, never focused on what was happening and let the week pass all too easily. The aching joints have voices of their own, torture techniques to get you to stop or slow, combined with the evil forces of the frozen hands and the fogging camera gear and agree to take it easy.  Resistance is lost.

So far, a few fruits have been created in exchange for this labor, notably Glowing Golden



Kosciuszko DreamingTimelapse Video shot during my Kosciuszko trip May 2014.

I took this trip with One Of A Kind Photography Adventures:

Timelapse shot with a Drift Ghost S action camera.

Kosciuszko Dreaming

Yesterday, I was surprised to receive a book in the mail.

I was not expecting a publication to arrive on my doorstep, least of all addressed to me in Russian. I'm surprised it managed to make it here, despite the address being written backwards.

And lastly, for this blog post anyway, another piece of news: I was shortlisted for the Australias Top Emerging Photographer of the Year in the Landscape category. Massive surprise, big wow! Big thanks to the judges of Capture and all associated with the publication!

I got my name printed in the magazine article, and in the ipad edition they included an image:

So all things considered, I'm very certain that I have a creative hangover. The cure should be more of the same, and it will be!

A crazy few weeks. Counting down for the 3 months til I depart for Norway/Iceland! Big year!



Tim Wrate(non-registered)
Mel, I can completely sympathise with your (so eloquently put) creative hangover. I find the constant switch between creative and analytical, wilderness and rat race emotionally draining at times. Particularly when I arrive back in Sydney after escaping it's retched grip for time behind the lens. Don't fear, your creative juices will flow once more. All you need is to settle back into your routine and you'll be craving a creative outlet. That is when the magic will happen and you'll see the art in your images.
Kane Gledhill(non-registered)
Congrats on reaching the finals Mel, and big ups for having lots of images to process. I'm still yet to send film off!
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