Projects: Getting Lost in them

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Hraunfossar 14Hraunfossar 14

^Hraunfossar, Iceland 2014

Once again, as it often does, too much time has gone between my last post and now. I can assure you that this wasn’t intentional, there just hasn’t been any time. That’s not to say I’ve been flat out, but by one way or another, I have enjoyed just relaxing this weekend past. It’s great to look back on the year that has been and just have some quiet reflection.

There’s loads of things I’ve wanted to write about, so many ideas circling around my mind which is begging for a rest, but it is forever alive, generating ideas and causing a mental constipation.  So let’s play a little game of catchup here, have a look at each of my projects that have reached fruition. Each of these has taught me something about myself, how I think, how my creativity works and how I work best.

Some of these are more well-known than others, but each one I have given my “all”. It is always humbling to see ideas grow into concepts and onwards to reality.

The One of a Kind Photography Adventures Book

Hardcover, thick luscious pages adorned with some incredible photography from the last three years, by some of Australia’s most up and coming photographers is perhaps the highlight of my year. Writing the chapter introductions and body text for each individual destination was a challenge, but once I heard the stories and anecdotes, the words flowed seamlessly as if I were there.

Three years is a long time in photography, memories may fade but the images remain.

I and the rest of the One of a Kind team is so pleased to present this book, the result of many long nights and impeccable attention to detail. It really is something special to behold.

Pre-orders are still available. Check the website for details.

Even if you haven’t been on one of the trips, the stories, the images – they’re all so beautiful and inspiring for planning trips of your own. In this digital age, rarely do images get printed any more, which is an absolute tragedy. Taking images and putting them in a book is the completion of the creative process and one we so rarely do anymore as photographers. I encourage you to purchase the book and feast your eyes on some incredible images and some top notch words ;)

One Of A Kind Hardcover Adventure Book

Personally, it presented the challenge I needed, the something else to rise above the mediocrity of everything else. I feel like I’m a better writer for it. It’s been great doing something on such a scale as that, and has left me wanting to make my own retrospective book. Even if it’s just something for me.

Maybe one day…

One of a Kind Photography Location Guide App for iOS

Facebook || Website

This one is a big one, an exciting one for the realm of photographers and travelers out there who need a little inspiration or just want to know where I took my pictures.

This app (currently for iOS only… android soon… the most commonly asked question!) is so much rolled into one neat package. Not only can you follow me, see my tips for a particular location, but there are so many more people around the world that have been so kind and gracious to share their locations, unique inflections and wisdom. It’s a beautiful ongoing worldwide collaboration, something that any photographer should be pleased with being a part of. In the coming weeks I will be adding more and more to my little lineup. If you have an iPhone, you have no excuse. The App is free and available on the App store. Please go and get it to support a worthy cause. Who knows, you might just feel inspired enough to go somewhere new.

Stop listening to me, go and get it if you haven't already~

And now, something that has completely taken my breath away.

#TheTutuProject turns me into the subject in support of the #CareyFoundation sponsored by #Blackrapid

I was asked by someone who I am so honoured to call a great friend, a man so well known in his own right that it’s staggering. Most of you know is images, they’re adorned over every cinema worldwide. Nikon, Aquatech and Blackrapid Ambassador; Jasin Boland, a guy with a heart of gold and a deep respect for those of us who can only afford to do photography as a hobby.  Jasin, in his capacity as a Blackrapid ambassador has had in his possession, a somewhat odd piece of clothing. A sweet-as-sugar, girly as hell pink tutu.

Jasin asked me to take it on and create something in support of this campaign.

All for a good cause, the pink tutu itself, for the #Kickcancer and #Thetutuproject campaign, sponsored by Blackrapid aims to raise awareness of Breast Cancer suffered by both Men and Women alike, has been doing the rounds of the globe.

As I was heading to New Zealand, the tutu was put in my hands and in no uncertain terms, I was to do a shot with it, in my own style. This was my final creation.

The Tutu Project : Redwood GroveThe Tutu Project : Redwood Grove

^ Image available for Sale under the Landscape > Trees gallery.

I have been overwhelmed with the feedback on this image, I did not expect it to be as well received as it was by everyone in my community, and those following the progress of the pink tutu’s around the world. I only ever post and create work that I believe in. The image in question has now gone up onto my sales portal, with all proceeds of sales going to the Bob Carey Foundation, in support of Breast Cancer.

I'm still catching up from my last few trips, blogs and other thought-provoking pieces will start flowing again soon.

Thanks for the eyes, ears and time!



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