Mel Sinclair Photography | Monochrome: It's not JUST Black and White...

Monochrome: It's not JUST Black and White...

March 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It’s gorgeous tones, shadows and rich, crisp contrasts.

It’s the overwhelming white of freshly fallen snow, and the deepest blacks on a new-moon night.

It’s the stars in the sky, where no colour needs to be present to describe their delicacy.

It’s details, precious moments and memories.

These moments all are from different stories, different places. Each is not perfect, rather, it is about the time, the place and the feeling of it.

This is what the light does; it shows us where to go.

This is what love does; it makes us keep going, keep hoping and keep our eyes open.

This is life, from the banal to the busy and right around to beautiful, this planet is an incredible place to be.


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