Mel Sinclair Photography | Japan Day 7: Monkey Park and Iconic Kyoto

Japan Day 7: Monkey Park and Iconic Kyoto

November 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

What a day of walking! Over 16km covered from 7am to 7pm!

Our day started in Arashiyama, yet another fine day, to finish off what we didn't get a chance to see on Wednesday; Monkey Park.

Feeling a bit "temple-d out", we sought an experience for the bright and sunny day that wasn't yet another temple. Arashiyama and the Monkey Park that we missed was thrown into the mix, and before we knew it, we were walking off the train at Hankyu Arashiyama and on our way to the park. Once inside, our walk to the top of the hill was a 20-minute near 30 degree climb, enough to get the blood flowing and the calves aching. What waited for us, were several cheeky monkeys, some young, some old. They were all playful and entertaining. The first two hours of our day passed before our eyes, but it was so much fun watching the Monkeys play, fight, umm "erm", and snatch food from the humans inside the safe human cage.

Here are some pictures that best illustrate the monkey experience, with my own captions. Feel free to comment and add your own!

1. "Hey, that was my fruit!"

2. "Yeah buddy, you know what you did!"

3. The true definition of "A hand out"

4. Monkeys live with this view!

5. "I see you, WITHHOLDING MY FOOD!"

6. "Hold still, I nearly got it." (Also my favourite image of the day!)

7. "Frank, if you're going to go for it, then do it with purpose, what's this half-assed effort?!"

8. "You say we evolved TO THIS?! Evolution my ass."

.9. "Yep, I still got it, not bad for an old chimp like me."

10. BANANA! Mine!

12. Humans in the cage!

After the Monkey Park, we headed down to the river of Arashiyama, as the sunny day illuminated the water and the autumn leaves, to spill several splendid colours across the scene. It seemed that Japanese families were renting boats and rowing out on the river. The mood was jovial and we didn't want to leave, so instead we hung around the banks to see what would float past:

And the conclusion of our day came by heading to Kiyomizudera temple, which, although I had been before, I was hoping to glimpse a sight of that big famous deck. Not to my pleasure though, as it was undergoing renovation! So with that plan foiled, I hung out at a popular sight and shot what was around me instead.

Tonight is our last in Kyoto, and tomorrow we move on to Osaka for a few days, including an upcoming tour to Hiroshima and then to  Tokyo, My Fuji and some more sightseeing. Finally getting to see a big camera store soon as well!


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