Are You Ricky Shaw About This?!

October 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

So I’ve signed up for something that is easily the most insane thing that I have ever EVER done...

no, really....

I have spent the last month penning an article about a woman who is so strong, and has made me think twice about my comfort zones. Writing her story, has forced me to think about the opportunities that I let pass because they seem too risky. There is never a “perfect” moment to do anything, there is only now, while you are living and breathing to get something done.

I love the spirit of the Adventure, I love my photography, I love getting lost in the moments and having a hilarious story to tell afterwards. It’s a plan hatched over several mornings before coffee, for a journey so wild and far away. I’m going to India, to do something so crazy I’ll have to sign several waivers on life or limb before I get there.

I’ve signed myself up for The Rickshaw Run, described as “easily the least sensible thing” to do on a holiday, or ever, for that matter.

If you've never heard of this crazy caper, watch the video below:

India was one of those places on one of those lists that I had said I wouldn’t visit, and probably still NO if you had paid me. How things change! Definitely not on my own, but with two other thrill-seeking, trustworthy and reliable comrades, Bevan Blackshaw and Bev Brooks, or B1 and B2, well versed in the lays of India-land. There’s a real possibility, (so real that it’s virtually a promise) that our little 7-horsepower rickshaw will break down, will be driven on roads classified as “swiss cheese from hell” and through some of the most mind-boggling landscapes over our 20- day, 3500km of unexpected, unparalleled  and chaotic tour of India, and everything that it entails. Tiring, gritty, dirty and challenging.

Because what is life without actually banging on the door once in a while and seeing what else is out there?!

I am stepping forth, climbing into thy rickshaw, and am preparing for nothing other than utter mayhem, a fuck-load of problem solving and some laughs. Oh and to be the photographer/writer who is living it.

The incredible journey will take us from Shillong in the far North East of India, to the far-southern tip of Cochin. Three brave warriors crammed into a rickety three-wheeler plus our luggage and a crap-load of cameras. You'll get me photographing and videoing the heck out of this trip, complete with rolling trip commentary and as much as i can physically shove up whatever connection to the 'net I get.

The run begins in August 2016, well technically July 31 and finishes August 19, 2016. After a few mind-bending beginning-of-the-race parties, fun games of cricket and a rough adjustment to the Indian Monsoon season (yes I’m going during the MONSOON, I told you this is nuts) it’ll be one hell of a ride to follow!

Part of the signup conditions is that we have to raise around about $3k to enter. Proceeds go to CoolEarth, a rainforest conservation charity that is the mandated charity for the Rickshaw Run. Other proceeds actually go towards our health and safety, plus the administration for such a feat. But this doesn’t stop you getting on board to help me and the other mad-keen Aussies out.

Over the next few months, if you’re in Brisbane, we’ll be hosting some events where you can come along, meet us and sample some of our home-cooked, home-made wares, support us in our quest to raise the required funds, or donate to us to aid us on this crazy endeavor.

We are going to need as much help as we can get, whether it is a pledge of money, goods for our fundraisers, goods for helping out this awesome photographer deck the rickshaw with the coolest camera equipment to get the action from every angle, or offer us free massages when we return. In exchange, we can shout you from the rooftops or paint your logo proudly onto our noble steed, mention you in our video and media blogs, Instagram and Facebook. Click HERE to sponsor me now to email me and get the ball rolling...!

But wait, there’s more…



Mel is continuing on past India to another place, the Yin for India’s Yang.

Once this crazy adventure ends in Cochin, after she is justifiably fired up from three crazy weeks crossing the continent, she will get on a plane to Heathrow, stop past some family and friends in London for just a few days of R&R to pick up another suitcase, packed full with different clothing.

I’ll rock up to Heathrow once more, charged and ready for another adventure.


In September.



Two HalvesTwo HalvesSouth Iceland Silver SolfarSilver SolfarReykjavik, Iceland

We still have spots available for any keen photographer to come on this journey of Iceland, and hey, I'll be all fired up for another crazy caper with you mad-keen bunch of photographers!

Iceland is going to be beautiful. Think 3-hour sunrises and sunsets. The chance to glimpse the Northern-Lights, to taste the purest water in the land, see some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes imaginable. You’ve seen the photos, now come and do it for yourself. You know you want to!

It’s going to be nuts. You have the chance to be a part of it. Want to feature in my Iceland chapter? Come join OOAK – Myself and the infamous Pano-Master; Timothy Poulton as we wrangle all things Icelandic.

SO MUCH going on!


So, you have a choice.... are you with me?!

For my RICKSHAW RUN ....You can follow, support and cheer B1, B2 and me on our marathon few-months leading up to the Rickshaw Run and then the Run itself. TO see our progress, contact us or pledge to our cause, follow us on;

>>>>>Our RICKSHAW RUN Team Journey Facebook Page<<<<<



If you’re absolutely dying to see Iceland, courtesy of myself, Timothy Poulton, and our local Icelandic Guide on a One Of A Kind Iceland tour, then please see the event details. September 1 to 11th 2016!

If you’ve heard about this insane quest through myself, and wish to sponsor us in any way that you know how, please, contact me by comment or by form on this webpage, we’d love to hear from you!

So? Thoughts?

I'm crazy right!

I can't wait!



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