Snappy July 28- Aug 3

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Make It Snappy!

July 28 - August 3

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Welcome to another week of Snappy!

Please, by all means, comment below in response to a date/day and let's get discussing!

Monday July 28

As Photographers, we are visual communicators. Everything we do relies on the ability to tell a story or make a comment on an aspect of life or our business. We are being judged on our ability to be that one-man-band if you like, the service provider, the marketer, the printer, the expert and the salesman. By the time you sit down and think about all the arbitrary tasks we perform to keep our careers going, taking the photo is the easiest part.

However, we need to be constantly aware of the image that we also project to others, whether it be through visual expression; appearance, attitude, aptitude, or through written communication. It's that old addage, people will remember you for your faults. Don't let something simple slip you up. Be aware of your opinions and where you express them. Too often we are far too casual and that is where the mistakes are made.

Tuesday July 29

You know, writing was never something I considered myself “good at” until rather recently.

I felt that writing was something that we, as photographers did, to pass or fill the time between photo shoots. It wasn’t until my Tasmania 2011 trip where I created daily blogs, that I began to get feedback from friends and family who reported back that they enjoyed the posts, and commented on my ability to tell a story. Still, I probably didn’t take this as serious as I could have back then, it had never really occurred to me that I could make it into another hobby.

My passion for writing was rekindled at university. I was lucky enough to sign myself up for as many creative writing units as my little heart desired. I soon discovered that I could never really write fiction, but much like photography, I love recounting stories that actually happened.

As much as this is for me, I still want all my readers to get involved! Got anything you want me to tackle? Comment! Got something you want to say, comment! Today marks the first week of “Make it Snappy!”

Leave some thoughts below!

Wednesday July 30

Those of you, who have been following me for some time now, would be familiar with my struggles to stop the spread of my images over the internet, thanks but no thanks to those who hold no regard for intellectual property.

This was never really such a problem for me, however it was the trade-off for becoming more well-known and having some images from Iceland in 2012 that put me under a brighter spotlight. My most-pirated image, hands down is “The Epitome”, followed a close second by “Floating Crumbs”.

I am both not surprised and infuriated that there is pretty much nothing I can do, thanks to the wonders of international copyright and those that just don’t give a flying shit. I can only accept that with the good comes the bad, that there will always be someone that will aim to profit off of me, whether I am or not, such is the game we play. So what do I do? Refrain from posting is awfully tempting, but not at all beneficial to me, plus it’s letting the thieves win.

Most of the images stolen, come from my posts on 500px, yet ironically I also get extra opportunities from having a profile there. I’ve had friends argue that I should let them be, that all exposure is good for me. Problem occurs when nobody knows it’s my image, and that’s fundamentally, what enrages me. I don’t ever want an image as recognisable as the Windows XP background, where nobody knows who took it. Exposure only pays the bills if you’re a hooker, and that I am, and my photography, is not.

Thursday July 31

Today has been one of those crazy-crazy days that have disappeared beneath my feet. I simply ran out of steam to post today, but I assure you, there's something bigger in the works.

I'll add the link here when it's done, promise ;)

Friday 1 August

"To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing..." - Elbert Hubbard

No doubt if you have been reading this blog and following my tracks on Facebook in the last 24 hours, you'll have known that I stirred up some dirt - relating to my post "An Open Letter to Julie Fletcher (and the Daily Mail).

I don't do this for fun.  I don't do this to try to steal anyone's thunder, ruin their name, hijack their ride, any of it. All I want people to realise, is that you have to watch what you say in the public domain. You must read and re-read your words to ensure that you are content with the messages you are presenting. Everything you write, must be understood by even those that have never met you, or heard you speak. Intonation, or, how your words sound when you read them to yourself, is  pivotal in communication, especially online.

I thought long and hard about the words I spoke on my blog last night, I beat myself up and cautiously initially only posted my words on my personal Facebook page until I had an idea of how my ideas would be received.

But you know what? If there is nobody questioning the words of the media, probing as to what should have been the correct way to approach the response, then god help us all.  Form your own opinions, learn how to respectfully question what is written, what is said.

Back in the days before social media, an article would have been written in the newspaper. Retort and response would have taken about a week, and the reactions of the public would have been kept private. In this world of online media, where response can be sought near instantaneously, it is of everyone's best interest to consider the words they are writing, explain everything in detail and do not let things slide. Speak up, do not be afraid, word your argument well and stand by your words. Always.


Saturday 2 August

Many apologies I missed Saturday... updating on the weekends is a real challenge! From now on, Snappy will be Monday-Friday purely so I can have some time to myself and my many projects!

Sunday 3 August

It's been a busy week that's for sure!

I think this weeks' valuable lesson for me has to be 'to never write each day off, before it has begun.' It sounds so simple, yet it is so applicable. Some amazing things have happened these last few days, some challenging, but mostly good things have come from them, whether it be learnings or lessons. Try to find the positive in every day, continually think and reflect upon yourself and your practice, where you are, and who you want to be.


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