Retrospective 2014

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Two thousand and Fourteen has been a big year for me, and despite the ups and downs (which, sad to say, is like the best and worst parts of a rollercoaster) I have managed to make it out the other end still in-tact thanks to the zen that my photography provides to my life.

Throughout the entire year, despite the things I have achieved and despite the battles I have won and lost, I have always tried to stay true to myself, that is, first and foremost: this is for me. I love it that I have people around me who enjoy my work, that's all I have ever desired out of this whole blog and pursuit.

The many things that I have done have been in pursuit of something in my sphere of interest. Whether it be my writing or my photography, or something in between, I have tried my very best to be a fair person – that is, not boasting or boisterous, like so many I see becoming these days.

Sure we're in a competitive game, and yes, this is now the sixth year of working towards something more for me. It's easy for newcomers to just think that it's about taking pictures, gaining likes and amassing the views. It's more than that, as the photographer we're now our own marketing, public relations, accountants, designers and social media experts. To be honest it's really tiring, a labour that is of love, but it is worth it. All I'd like you to do is appreciate the images that I'm producing, not because you feel like you should or whether I'm the loudest shouter. I've not asked much, I don't participate in “like” competitions and I don't believe in paring one photographer against the next because we're all different. We all have our different strengths and weaknesses. It's why there's so many of us. I nearly almost gave up on this four years ago. Nearly. Almost.

I've stopped and started writing this more times than I care to admit, usually the words come to me as if they were always there, I write them down, make a few minor changes and BAM, it's out there. Sometimes the words don't flow so easily, writers block; the dreaded myth is real. I've stared at an empty page, the cursor blinking like an impatient man tapping his foot. I've cleaned my house more times than I can count while trying to come at a difficult paragraph with renewed energy and inspiration, only to get a few words in and fall into the same hole as before. I've come up with brilliant sentences while trying to sleep, and fallen asleep reading difficult ones.

More than ever, a good communicator is someone who is valid, trustworthy and respectable, I've tried more to do this this year, save the waffle for breakfast, create some interesting banter. It's been a tough year learning about myself and my writing habits. I've grown in leaps and bounds. For that I owe a lot to my new partners, the One Of A Kind team. I've done more writing than id ever have known, tackled some tough assignments all while taking on a big year of my own photography.

Next year, so far, I'm keeping it simple. Patagonia in March/April as a birthday trip to myself and a heap of domestic trips following the AIPP and furthering my interests in this space as well.  I have a mental picture of getting to New Zealand again, though not sure of the time of year for that also, nothing like having some ad-hoc plans!

Since this is photography, let's get to the images... Maybe you've seen these before, maybe not.

Thanks for following, responding, viewing my images and blogs, you all keep me going!

-Mel x


I spent New Years in Newcastle, my shot for "the first of the year" is below.

Location: Merewether Ocean Baths, NSW


Having lined up a contact for Sunflowers, I headed out to Allora/Clifton for an early morning shoot.

Location: Allora/ Clifton sunflower fields


A chance day provided me with the opportunity to jump into the car with a good mate and head down to Tenterfield for a day exploring the New England region in early Autumn. Found a gorgeous road and the perfect valley to capture large granite outcrops.

Location: Tenterfield NSW


Fagus week in Cradle Mountain is a yearly highlight. The Fagus was so exclusive that it became elusive. Subsequently these are my favourites from my time in Tasmania:


Cradle Mountain / Lake St Clair National Park, tasmania. Stanley, Tasmania, Bundamba Lagoon, Queensland, Springbrook, Queensland


It was also the first time in a long time, that I have shot both sunrise and sunset of the same day:























My first big trip of the year saw me head to Kosciuszko with One of a Kind. I still think it took trip of the "year" for me, because it was shared with so many great people.

Locations: Kosciuszko National Park, NSW , Laurel Hill Forest, NSW , Dead Horse Gap, NSW , New England Gun Club, NSW

May also saw me take yet another trip to the New England region, this time for a late-autumn catchup...


Winter. Fog. Great light and lots of exploring. Here's what I got: 


Marburg, Queensland, Etty Bay, Queensland






















More fog and beautiful cool weather...

This was also the month that I picked up the D810 and began falling in love with my images all over again...


Mt Alford Lavendar Farm, Queensland, Some random driveway (no idea where, sorry), Queensland


Ended up in the backstreets around Alstonville NSW... A red sunset was the one image from this month that I unexpectedly loved...

Location: Alstonville, NSW

September and October

What a big month of photography. I'm pretty sure I still felt the camera in my hand even when I slept. A week in Norway followed by three in Iceland. Wowzers. Here's what came out of it...


Hveravellir, Hohlhraun, Vik, Jokulsarlon, Selfoss, Hofn, Myvatn, Landmannalaugar Iceland , Trondheim, Norway


Recovering from the Jetlag was tough, and just as I had gotten over it, it was off to New Zealand North again with One of A Kind


Omata Beach, New Zealand, Rotorua Redwood Grove, NZ























A year at its' end, almost... there was enough time to see some inclimate weather and get a few photos...


Esk, Queensland, Ripley Valley, Queensland



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