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January 21, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

January has flown, it has absolutely disappeared before my eyes. Here we are, already one week until the end.

I must thank every person who read my 2013 Retrospective post. It means a lot to be followed and watched by many eyes across the world, knowing just how divided the attention can be at any given time.

My Facebook page has reached just over 800 Likers. I’m proud of this number because I’ve never paid for a post in my entire time, they represent a purely organic approach.

Over the New Years’ break I spent time in Newcastle, loving the photography opportunities I had down there and soaking up some sun.

A Morning At MerewetherA Morning At MerewetherMerewether, NSW Shifting SandsShifting Sands

I’ve come back, ready to take the year by the horns and go along for the ride.

I hope to be able to get a larger reach for my blogs this year, as I do enjoy writing them.  What I would absolutely love from you all is a little input, if you don’t mind?

 Please, leave a comment, an idea or something below, I love the knocking-together of heads with differing opinions – or maybe the same – whatever your opinion, feel free to reply.

I’m currently working on several articles, long ones, which I will have out in the coming weeks. If you’re new to my page, feel free to go back and read other articles I’ve posted, there’s some true favourites in there!

So where are we at in 2014 with my trips?

April: Tasmania / Cradle Mountain (10 days)

May: Kosciusko National Park (4 days)

September / October: Norway/Iceland (30 days)

I’m pushing forward this year with spending more time “in the moment”. This means that my somewhat-favourite style of daily blogging will be put aside in favour of tweeting images and short posts, the occasional video post, and the traditional blog. You’re more likely to catch a tweet of where I am and what I’m doing, than a nightly blog post. (depending on my situation there will also be Facebook posts).

Don’t fret, I’m still going to post blogs of my trip, but they’re going to be more of a summary of a few days at a time. I sat back and thought about how I’d go with information in the field, and truth be told, there’s going to be some places in Norway/Iceland where I just won’t have the internet coverage that I need to maintain the update cycle.

That just about covers it for now,

Stay safe!


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