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Gone Shopping!

September 20, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Today turned out to be one of those nothingness type days where nothing of any notable significance occurs, and time just passes. And we were fine with that!

What we did get to do, was be real tourists. This was so refreshing because we both had hit a point where we were tired of our routine for the last 2 and-a-bit-weeks of the repetitive motions of “drive in this direction with the aim of getting to X location, but stop a couple hundred times along the way and get there 3 hours after we were supposed to.” Not to mention all the hassle with correct lens combinations, filters attached, removed, cleaned, tripod hassles, it all becomes a bit much when you’re doing it so often. Your brain screams at you because you’re mentally fried from having to think about settings, sunlight, time of day, exposure, composition and being alert about what’s happening around you. It may just be a glimpse through the viewfinder to some, but to us, it’s more than that. Creating the images that everyone expects us to come home with is no easy task.

And right now we’re feeling burnt out.

So today, instead of driving a few hours around the place, we chose to have a lazy long breakfast at the hostel, do some internet browsing, go out and hunt for a hot spring to bathe in (we failed, but that’s no worry, Blue Lagoon on Sunday, exactly what that’s for!) and take a tour of the local supermarket. We’ve taken some pictures of some of the things that are different to Australian supermarkets. Mind you, every supermarket, even if they’re in a chain, are different here. They’re kind of like the IGA system. This is probably good for the locals, but if you’re looking for a specific product, they’re not always around.

^ Pre-made Hamburger packs. The buns are under the meat tray in the cold section. The freezer section is lined with every type of fish imaginable, cut, and marination. You’ll also find frozen Lambs’ heads, some strange meat in a stitched up bag, and entire cuts of animals in generic white boxes.

Today we went to Hagkaup, a supermarket chain here in Iceland, along with Bonus (Yellow bag with retarded pink pig logo). We tried some of the sweets from here, and were startled to find the Colgate sponsorship logo on the bag to buy the lollies!

It’s really quite bizarre. Before I came to Iceland, I watched every video I could find on YouTube about the people, their culture and how they love their healthy lifestyles. I saw clip after clip of fresh lamb, fish and delicacies, hundreds of people in a gym and people who talked to the lava stacks because they believe in fairies, elves and trolls. I’m now starting to think that they believe in such things because they’re all hyped up on chocolate and sweets. Nearly every supermarket has two aisles of chocolates, sweets and sweet snacks, AND THEY DISCOUNT IT ALL BY 50% ON SATURDAYS.



This is in stark contrast to the fact that nearly every supermarket has a huge Protein section for the gym goer. Each time I’ve walked through looking for my new favourite protein shake (Hamamark) I’ve seen tall scrawny guys pawing through the available supplements and reading the labels while their impatient girlfriends look on.


Energy drinks come in 500ml cans and cost equivalent AUD$1.50… I haven’t seen a single gym since I got here, they’re far less prominent, or, at least, more underground than in Australia. The vast majority of Icelanders look like they’ve taken the traditional western diet and gone to town on it.

Let’s examine what’s in some aisles…

^ Mushroom or Prawn instant noodles… Hello MSG. Not pleased to see you again

^ Coke…

^ Happy Day juice

^ This light beer is a “liquid soundtrack”…

Oh and apparently I came to the other side of the earth and this is the “premium” wine…

Back to where we were… Chips aisle!

^ Capscicum flavoured chips anyone?

^Ab-mjolk is a sour milk. Also comes in yoghurt with museli…

^ Flavoured yoghurt comes in cartons of 1L and is runny.

^ Happy time body lotion. It makes my body happy!

There’s some strange items too…..

^Chocolate coated rice crackers?


^An Orange Fanta-like drink called Appelsin…

What will I miss the most though? This should be an obvious answer.



^ Skyr and the amazing shelves of it in the supermarket…

So deliciously thick, full of protein, tasty, in a variety of flavours. But only available in Iceland.

Tomorrow sees us with clear skies in a certain part of the country, we’re going to go on a 300km+ drive to get the right location for the night-time Auroral display that’s forecast to be good. Keep your fingers crossed for us, this is the last hurrah of the trip before returning to Reykjavik, and subsequently Keflavik on Sunday before flying home on Monday!

Before I go, here’s a random picture of the place that Josh had a hotdog today.. I’ll let you try bend your mind around it…


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