Mel Sinclair Photography | Day 1: Deloraine

Day 1: Deloraine

April 19, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

It was as if I was still daydreaming, any second I expected to be pulled out from my reality to find myself sitting at my desk with the phone ringing, but no, not this time. I was awoken from my awkward, light slumber on the plane by the shrill cry of an infant from two rows ahead. I was definitely on the plane, and on my way to a holiday I had dreamed of for many months.

The plane flight was uneventful, which is the way you want a flight to be, one could say. Ignoring my GPS that kept wanting to send me down the wrong roads, I explored some places around my accommodation before settling in.

Tasmania has been a place that I have come to every year since 2010. It is so varied from what I am used to in Queensland that by the time I leave every year, I wish it wasn't going to be another whole year until I returned. There's just something about the older buildings, the farmhouses with dainty curtains, wooden doors and the smell of chimneys puffing out smoke. Blend that with a large serving of rolling hills, fresh air, coloured trees and a cooler climate and it's entirely relaxing.

I stopped by the Deloraine river and took some shots over the rivers' edge to the mill, decked out in autumn plumage. The proper shots will have to wait, for now I can offer you the phone version.

After a meal at the local hotel I am now sitting back in my room preparing to have an early nights' sleep. Im exhausted!

Tomorrow will depend on what the weather is doing, however I'm confident that it'll be a good one!


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