Megan Church McGill(non-registered)
Your work shows me the breadth and width of your vision and reach. You have made trips to places that most will never see in person and captured the most astonishing sites for those who could never travel there themselves. I commend your artistry, self discipline, eye for images and the drive to get yourself to each and every summit or valley, ocean or lake, despite the elements, dangers and physical obstacles. I know you will do well and wish you all the best in all of your endeavors. If you come to America, drop me a line. I will help in any way I can.
Carlton McEachern(non-registered)
Enjoyed your photo essay on Iceland "Enthraling Iceland" appearing in Issue 1 of Dynamic Range Magazine - August 2015
Lia Lucioni(non-registered)
Exquisite. Thank you. Enjoy your year in 2015 and congratulations
Doug Porter(non-registered)
Nice work, like your style a lot.
you work is amazing, i am 13 and i have been attactched to a camera as long as i can remember. You inspire me with you beatiful artwork. The things you capture look both pretty and sophisticated.
Anthony wilson(non-registered)
amazing images Mel, I especially love the beach ice shots.
Kerri Donsky(non-registered)
Absolutely amazing images Mel & love your website setup
Swapnil Nevgi(non-registered)
Amazing work. I just can't put it in words how much I loved the photos. Truly inspirational, great colours, great compositions... simply awesome!!! Your dedication and passion reflects in each one of them. Cheers
Francois Fourie(non-registered)
Beautiful photos Mel!
Kane Gledhill(non-registered)
Great work Mel. Love the new website, and as always love the blog.
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