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I’ve got a question for you,

“How many females have you seen representing Canon, Nikon, Sony or PhaseOne as Brand Ambassadors, spokespersons or sought-after speakers?”

I can name one from the Australian / New Zealand line up, after all, companies operate in sectors. Further to this, how many women do you see contributing articles in photographic genres which are deemed to be more male-centric or male-oriented, such as Landscapes, Outdoor/Adventure, Sport, Events, Fashion and Architecture/Commercial? How many photography magazine editors are female?

What do you think the ratio of women to men in photography is? I’m guessing it’s nearly 1:1 by the time you tally up the world and put it together.  So why then are we so poorly represented?

Rejections are tough, heartbreaking even; I’ve had my fair share of rejections, mostly silent, an email never replied, a phone call never returned.  As a regular blogger I’ve been writing articles for magazines, requesting the submission guidelines before posting, and not even gotten a response. I know plenty of my peers who successfully submit and get paid for articles, yet I won’t even get an email reply politely declining or providing the guidelines I so respectfully asked for. The magazines keep going, so they’re replying to someone.

I’m not alone either, us female photographers are beginning to notice the rejection by omission or the excuses made not to give us the time of day in the media. We’re told to “just forget about it”, to lie down, give up and let someone else take charge. If you’ve been following me for a few years now, you’ll know, don’t you dare tell me not to do something, that I can’t achieve something because I’m a woman, because I’m going to use the full force of my motivation, to prove you wrong.

When Leanne Cole, the editor and founder of "Dynamic Range", asked me to submit an article of my choice, I was ecstatic.

I was being asked to submit to the inaugural issue of a magazine aimed at showcasing women doing great things in photography, because like me, she was tired of the rejection by silence or poor excuses about not accepting articles.

Some very passionate women in Australian photography have helped bring Dynamic Range to reality, we hope that it can become a popular publication, with informative, inspiring articles that will be sought after for issues to come.


I encourage you to visit the Dynamic Range page, purchase a copy of the magazine for $5 ( at this LINK )  and get on board.

We need like-minded women to write, review, submit images for critique and to get involved. We need people to share the page from Facebook, to various media, to get the word out there that we are going to work towards making the ratio of female-created content in photography of greater focus and importance. We would love corporate sponsorship, gear to review and products to advertise.

IN this first quarterly-published magazine, I wrote about a place that will forever have a special place in my mind, Iceland. I am so very honoured to have been featured as the cover image, my image The Epitome, taken in Iceland in 2012.


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