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^ Processing for procrastination....

I’ve tried to avoid the many  “I’m so incredibly excited for my holiday” blog posts, as I know that when I’m away I’ll probably be more prolific with my writing than I am now. I don’t want to jump the gun prematurely, yet I feel it’s important to always have a preface in every story, so that’s what this is. But here I sit, completely overwhelmed with all that I have to do. I've got little piles of equipment scattered around my floor, scribbles on my whiteboard reminding me to get certain items...




All the best organizational experts tell you that really well kept people make lists. Some people love making a collection of words that mean ‘things’ and help you organize ‘stuff’. Point is I’m just not one of those people. I’ve tried to master the art of writing something down for future purpose, but I keep stopping four bullet points into the exercise and get sashayed off on a different tangent.

I’ll be completely honest here, I’m currently drowning under a big pile of lists.

Scratchings of what seemed like a good idea to include, camping gear, shooting gear, living gear, medications,  scribbled on spare paper, in my journals, stored on my phone; to be completely honest it’s starting to get a little overwhelming. It’s not that I’m a disorganized person, but rather I revel in the act of taking my time, and really only worrying about what’s absolutely important.

What are these things anyway? I feel guilted by people who succeed at this, making sure that everything is included and nothing is left out. I take comfort in the old-timey awesomeness known as MacGuyver, who had to make things up with whatever he had, wherever he was, even if that place was an alligators jaw. While there are undoubtedly many things that I will forget to pack for my upcoming trip, I know that the most important ones to me are the ones I won’t even think about. Camera, computer, sleeping, hiking and documents. The rest can be bought duty free or when I actually get to Iceland, realize I can’t read the language, and look for any hooks of English I can spot on a bottle or by playing guessing-games based on the picture.

Even more true is that I know my favourite pair of hiking socks are currently buried under about three to five pairs of mismatched socks. My very best hiking pants are somewhere on the top shelf with all the other pairs of black pants that I own. To someone who might be suffering a disorder of the obsessive, this would drive them insane surely. But I love my comforting yet controlled mess. I thought I lost my travel documents about four months ago, but I recently just found them, in that “so safe place I’ll never forget” ha! Take that organization!

So here I sit, staring at a blank piece of paper with some very lonely bullet points, thinking that I’ll never get it done, and just to pack a few days before, in the moment.

What could possibly go wrong?!


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