Aurora Australis!

April 30, 2014  •  2 Comments

As I was preparing to settle in and sort out my last night in Tasmania, blog about how wonderful my time has been, news came through Facebook from keen Aurora chasers around the state, that I should get out, as soon as it gets dark, to catch the Aurora Australis (Southern Lights)!

I was in disbelief that I would see it, past attempts did not work out as intended due to cloud, and I could see cloud on the horizon. Skeptical but willing to give anything a shot, I went out, got up high, and sure enough, there it was!!!

I'm blown away that it was visible in the North-West of Tasmania, I always thought it was better down south!!

Thank you so much to Brett Chatwin and Rosie Appleton who alerted me to the auroral activity... I know Tasmania had given me a really good lot of photos but this is the icing on the cake!

And from another angle:

After tonight, I'm heading home from Tasmania... but wow!

Keep an eye out for the finished shots! Coming soon...


Linda Ripper(non-registered)
Awesome Mel...
Kane Gledhill(non-registered)
Bloody wicked Mel. Just amazing. Good stuff.
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