I love to write, I love to challenge, but most of all, I love to tell a story!

Contained within these blogs, is a variety of photographic brain-fodder.

You'll find posts from when I've been traveling and recording my daily happenings and shots.

You'll get a glimpse into my mind when I'm musing out ideas.

You'll get to challenge me on my responses to popular trends.


You may actually learn something.

That's got to be pretty good?!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog entries. They're intended to inspire, challenge and compliment my Photographic practice, but also you, the viewer. Agree? Disagree? Reply! Let's hear you speak up!

Saved my Bacon! Some useful tools for Photographers with PCs

October 05, 2016
I've been thinking about writing some more useful blogs in the coming months, mostly centered around some of the things that I've come across that are worthy of a mention...
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Why are we still asking: “What settings should I use?”

September 21, 2016
This question has been grinding on me for some time now, and it is predominantly one that I come across in camera clubs and casual meetup groups. For clarification, I’m n...
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AIPP APPA 2016 aka "Mel's Gamble"

September 03, 2016
For someone who writes so often, I'm having trouble adequately expressing how amazed, honoured and surprised I am, to have done so well in this years AIPP APPA / Incite 2...
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August 30, 2016
This blog, on the outset is going to be vague and quick. Tiredness is something I’m not entirely mastering at the moment. I’m always surprised how it hits me, but 10 hour...
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