Here, you'll find a collection of posts about Photography in some shape or form.

Please bear with me while I transfer posts from my old website. I will only be taking across the ones I feel are important or significant to myself and my practice.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog entries. They're intended to inspire, challenge and compliment my Photographic practice, but also you, the viewer. Agree? Disagree? Reply! Let's hear you speak up!

Japan Day 11-16:Tokyo!

November 30, 2015
Admittedly, thee last few days I've been lax with posting updates, as not much serious photography has happened, due to some really bizarre restrictions here in Japan. Se...
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Japan Day 10: Hiroshima and Miyajima Island

November 25, 2015
I was going to blog about this at the end of today, but it left such a mark on me that I decided it couldn't wait. Before I get into the really heavy stuff, I also want...
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Japan Day 8 and 9: Osaka

November 24, 2015
Hello! Checking back in again for an update on how my holiday is progressing. To give you a proper rundown of my day, would be to photograph all the receipts from store...
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Japan Day 7: Monkey Park and Iconic Kyoto

November 21, 2015
What a day of walking! Over 16km covered from 7am to 7pm! Our day started in Arashiyama, yet another fine day, to finish off what we didn't get a chance to see on Wednes...
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Japan Day 6: Nara

November 20, 2015
Today we headed south to visit Nara. The main attraction here is the massive hall with the massive buddha statue, but only after you've waded through thousands of hungry...
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